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Drones are unmanned robotic vehicles that carry some payload of interest. Drones can be aerial, ground-based, marine or submarine. The payload of interest can be sensors, cameras, radio communications, warheads, and much more.

We are drone tech and solution experts. We help our enterprise and government customers onboard and assimilate drones in their environments successfully.

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Drones for defence and civilian use cases


Defence drones help capture images, videos, thermal images and much more from the sky to create a full perspective of what's happening on the ground in a fraction of the time, with higher mapping accuracy and at 10x lower cost. They can also be used to launch projectiles, make deliveries and much more.

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Civilian drones can be used for agricultural, mapping, surveying, law-enforcement, recreational, aerial photography, aerial videography, real estate, movies, and hobbyist use cases. They can be used to understand damage in disaster areas, spray pesticides on large farms, and much more.

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Remote-controlled drones

There are many use cases where customers do not need a fully unmanned robotic vehicle. In such cases, a remote-controlled drone (not strict use of word) can prove valuable.

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